Frequently Asked Questions

On flights, you may bring one carry-on backpack or luggage weighing no more than 20 pounds. You may also bring one small personal, purse-sized bag. Pillows and sleeping bags will be pre-packed with team luggage. The rest of the luggage weight allotted to you by the airline will be used for transporting supplies required for our trips. Any needed items should be brought with you. Costs are very high and supplies of items can be limited in remote communities.

  • Bible, devotional, pen

  • required medications

  • toiletries, glasses, hair brush/comb

  • personal hygiene products

  • sleeping clothes/pjs

  • underwear, socks

  • 2-3 pairs pants

  • Team T-shirt

  • Fitted sheet and pillow case

  • indoor shoes/slippers

  • rubber boots

  • sweater

  • rain jacket/wind breaker that can be layered over sweater (prepare for temps between -10C to +20C)

  • towel, face cloth

  • water bottle (empty for going through customs)

  • hat & mitts, depending on forecast

  • travel documents (passport or other ID)

  • very small amount of cash (for snacks, etc while waiting for flights)

  • any supplies for workshops or seminars that you will be a part of

Keys, credit cards, and other valuable items should be left at home if possible and practical.

What kind of behaviour is expected?

By becoming a Heart to Heart Team Member, you are agreeing to abide by the Plan to Protect policy of Uxbridge Baptist Church.

Please read and become familiar with the Plan to Protect document, Appendix A, of the handbook, paying special attention to the section on Appropriate & Inappropriate Touch.

Our expectation is that you will make every effort to contribute fully wherever needed, making yourself available to the Team Leader to serve in any area.

Alcohol and tobacco use are prohibited. Crude language and joking is not acceptable.

Cooperation and gratitude is expected; always be appreciative and sensitive to those allowing us into their community and homes and churches.

Be kind, forgiving and cheerful.

Are there any medical recommendations? Are there any immunization requirements?

For travel to remote communities, the following immunizations are recommended: Hep A/B, Men C, Tetanus, TB Test .

What kind of cell service and internet access will we have?

Cell service is unlikely in remote communities, and access to the internet will be unpredictable. Plan to not have contact with family and friends back home for the duration of your trip. The team leader will communicate our safe arrival and update families as needed.

Access to electricity for charging devices may also be limited. It is recommended that you limit the number of devices you bring to the bare essentials. The safety of your valuables is not guaranteed.

If access to the internet is available, team members are asked to minimize time on social networking to maximize time for team participation.

How will we travel to and within the community?

Flights will be booked on your behalf by Heart to Heart. All flights are out of Toronto, either Pearson or Porter airports. You are responsible for transportation to and from the airport.

Please keep confirmation emails or other details for your reference while traveling. Please bring government issued photo ID (license or passport). It is advised to carry your personal ID on your person at all times. Travel to Curve Lake will be arranged by the team members.

While in the communities, we may travel on foot, or by car or truck.

What will the weather be like?

Be prepared for fluctuating spring weather. Temperatures may be below freezing, or may be in the high teens. Pack clothing that can be layered to be prepared for any weather.

Team members will receive a team t-shirt which will be used at various times throughout our community visit. It is recommended that you wear modest clothing including jeans or other casual pants. Avoid tight or revealing clothing.

Check with your Team Leader for acceptable Sunday Morning Church Service attire.

Comfortable shoes/slippers will be needed for indoor use and home visitation, and insulated rubber boots will be needed for outdoors. Please keep jewelry, makeup and other accessories to a bare minimum. There will be no access to laundry facilities. If items need to be cleaned, you may be able to use a sink or your own washbag.

What about communities that have a "Boil Water Advisory" in effect?

We boil tap water before using it for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, washing hands, etc, and/or use store- bought bottled water. Many communities are under Boil Water Advisories as it is. Water must be brought to a full rolling boil for at least 5 minutes before use. A personal water filter is a good idea to bring along, but is not a necessity.

Over the years, our accommodations have taken on several forms. Sometimes we are able to billet at private homes, and sometimes we stay in Community Centers, churches, or schools. No matter where we stay, a compact sleeping bag and inflatable pillow will be required. Generally, there can be limited access to bathrooms and little or no access to showers. Men and women will be in separate rooms for sleeping, while married couples will be accommodated separately, where possible. It is recommended that you bring a sheet to cover the mattress (provided), and a pillow case. Come prepared to rough it!

We bring our food with us, as grocery costs in many of the communities we visit are prohibitive. Each team will have a food coordinator who will plan meals and grocery purchases. Preparation for team meals and other food requirements will be shared by the team members themselves while there.

What are the requirements for Team Members?

1. You must honour God in both words and actions, and must exhibit a desire to grow and develop your relationship with Christ, an attitude of servanthood, and a commitment to fulfilling the Great Commission.

2. You must have completed and submitted an application form and Police Check (you will need a Police Check Request letter with you when you apply (in appendix of Team Handbook)).

3. You must be prepared to make a reasonable commitment to attending training sessions (depending on timing and locations), and must complete Plan to Protect training, according to the requirements of Uxbridge Baptist Church.

4. You must be willing to raise your own funds and submit payment according to the payment schedule. You must participate in team fundraising efforts as much as possible.

5. You must be willing to take on roles and responsibilities as required to fulfill team commitments.